Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for notifying the service?

If you have registered for this service at your solar PV supplier, he will ensure that a special responder is placed by your installation. When the first data information of you system is received after a successful installation you will automatically receive an e-mail with your personal password, which allows you to log in to your personal page.

How do I login to my personal page?

When you fill in your email address and password in the black login screen on the homepage, you get to your personal page. Here you can find the performance and yield of your solar system, have access to your personal information and you can upload a (new) photo of your PV installation.

When I receive an email with my password?

The first time data is received successfully, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your personal password. It is possible that this e-mail message ended in your spam box. Take a good look in the folders "spam", junk, bulk of your mailbox.

Forgot your password?

It may happen that you forgot your password. By clicking the "forgot password" button in the login screen, you can request a new password. You will receive an email with your new password.

How do I change my password

Your password can be changed via your personal page under my account details.

Can I stay logged in?

Yes, you can stay logged in indefinitely. If you link your supplier url to your favorites in your browser, you can always go directly with one click to your personal page.

Do I need special programs or software to use this service?

No, all functions can be used from the browser (like Internet Explorer, from version 7 and Firefox version 2) on Windows and Macintosh.

What about the privacy of my data?

All your personal information (see my details) is confidential and will never be published on public sections of this service or on the Internet.